Retreated tires produce reliable and
performance results as opposed to what is commonly known.


Bandag retreated tires achieve mileage performance of first-class new tires and often go beyond that. It is an effective way to reduce your total tire cost because it offers a substantially lower cost as opposed to the new tires of similar performance.


The retreading is subject to the same quality standards (ECE 109) as new tires. Do you have doubts about the reliability of retreading? In that case, think about air travel because almost all major airlines use retreated tires on their aircraft.


The resources required to produce a Bandag retreated tires are only a small part of what is required for a new tire. Besides, the number of tires to be discarded is significantly reduced by retreading as many carcasses as possible.

KRB has a 1.500 m2
retreading production facility in
partnership with the Bandag

As KRB, we operate to reduce fleet tire costs and increase operational
efficiency and has reached the point where it can offer the best product in terms of
performance, reliability and safety as a result of continuous improvement.


Retreading is a reliable solution that allows us to use natural resources prudently
while reducing the tire costs of fleets. Today, one out of every three truck tires in
Europe is retreaded..

Most Preferred

Bandag, our business partner, is the most preferred tire
retreading company worldwide, covering over 10,000,000 tires per year in 95
different countries.


KRB is one of the leading companies in the sector in providing the best service to
its customers by utilising the innovative structure behind a global Quality Certification
System based on Bandag's annual audits and compulsory training.

The Bandag product range always
includes a product that will meet
your specific needs.

Industrial Products

Forklifts, container handlers, straddle carriers must use tires that are suitable for specific and unique terrain conditions. Bandag offers a range of products developed specifically for these industrial applications and tire sizes.
Thanks to the Bandag method and superior quality products, Bandag industrial retreads offer performance close to a new tire performance at a much lower cost.
Tire retreading is particularly interesting in industrial applications; since the carcasses can retreat several times, you can save more.


Today, retreading the tires of vehicles such as big rock trucks and bulldozers working in off-road conditions is a critical need.
Continuum and Bandag have created a separate brand especially for retreading needs of large off-road vehicle tires. You can purchase Continuum retreading products from dealers that are part of the Bandag network. The modern Continuum tire range offers excellent-looking and high-performance retreaded tires.
The crimped seam and pre-measured tire segments ensure maximum production efficiency. Tire sizes range between 17.5R25 to 27.00R49 can be retreaded with Continuum.

Bandag Challenge

Bandag retreads provide your fleet with
the lowest tire operational cost in the market!

Bandag retreads are still the most economical option for fleet managers worldwide
for more than 50 years.

See it for yourself with Bandag Challenge:

# How much can you save by using more retread tires?
# What is the cost-per-kilometre advantage of Bandag coatings?

KRB will be pleased to calculate the above savings based on your fleet's tire usage data. You will be surprised by the realised savings.